Film(ED) in a day...

A few years back, as a bit of fun with friends on my Birthday, I decided to try and make a 'film in a day'. Sadly we failed with midnight coming and going before the edit was complete, but we had a lot of fun and the collaborative aspect of film making was once again the part I loved the most.

The project then lay dormant for 2 years due to a lack of time and resources to complete it.

I've always felt bad that those who gave up their time never had anything to show for their efforts, so myself and a colleague (Barry Wilkinson) recently decided to put in a few hours to complete it. It's still got more than a it's fair share 'rough edges' but I think that's in keeping with the original aim, and in some ways adds a little to it's charm. Given that there was never a script, and we just made things up as we went along I don't think trying to polish it further would have worked anyway. That said, there are some lovely performances, and I especially love that friends from around the world submitted footage on the day for us to add into the mix. See if you can spot and name all the various locations featured!

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