360 Test at RUSH Skatepark

Here is another 360 test, this time at the amazing RUSH Skatepark which I'm very fortunate to live near. It's a really great space, and everyone there is really welcoming so whether you're a young child or a 'Silver Surfer' like me, you can go there and have a great time and learn / have fun.

Lots learnt on this shoot - including the important of having back up batteries for EVERYTHING - the wrist remote died on me mid shoot which make stitching all the much harder as you have to manually sync the clips. The parallax effect is also an ongoing issue in big spaces where you also have action close to camera.

Interestingly people with iPhone and other Apple devices still struggle to view, so folks having issues even when using Google Chrome. Hopefully browser compatibility will quickly become a distant memory and the experience will be plug and play for all.

More 360 video tests with this set up to follow soon.

Suscito FIlms - Video Production Services Stroud

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