360 Mustang Drive down Las Vegas Strip

This was an interesting test using 2 smaller 4K 360 action cameras to see how the resulting footage compares to the usual 12 camera rig. The idea being to simplify the workflow for quicker turnaround times, and as a way to try out shots ahead of doing a larger scale production.

It's been an 'interesting' journey (and I don't mean the actual drive itself) due to errors in the user manual and bugs in the bundled software. This has however pushed us to try all sort of new ways to do the stitching and some of those lessons have been valuable.

This stich was done manually in Adode Premiere in the end - it turns out the electronic image stablisation function on the camera means the software that comes with the camera doesn't work! The downside to doing it manually in this way is that Premiere isn't optimised to stitching multiple 4K files and even on a high end MBP* we were limited to what could be rendered - running into crashes and memory errors along the way.

I hope you enjoy it - but I think the next film from the night before might be better...

*A MBP was being used in the spirit of this being a 'quick turnaround' set up.

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