'Suscito' [''] means 'to arouse, to excite, to inspire' and these creative principals form 3 of the cornerstones of everything we do. The 4th is arguably less romantic but undeniably essential, and that is 'to deliver'.  By devoting time and effort to customer engagement, the management of expectations and good communication we're able to not only wow our clients with high calibre creative content, but we also fully manage the process of delivery to ensure that what's produced is as required - with bells on!


Whether your message is for Business, Charity, Education or Entertainment - Suscito can deliver your creative vision.

3D, Animation & Motion Graphics


As modern day filmmakers we have access to a myriad of tools to help us tell your story in the most compelling way - that's right for your audience. Often we find clients with financial considerations assume whizzy graphics, and animation are out of their reach. We view things differently, and focus on finding creative ways to tell your story, be that through cartoon style 2D animation, 3D animation (with moving virtual cameras), or overlaying motion graphcis and animated characters onto live action video.


Visual sizzle comes as standard.

Flying cameras - outside (and in!)


Drones or UAV's extend visual language, offering exciting new perspectives, and access to many previously hard to reach spaces. Their use for Film and TV is already extensive, and their impact is both undeniable, and exciting - when used in the right way. As required by law, the pilots we work with are fully CAA registered and BNUC-S certified. We take safety and privacy very seriously, and consider them essential for creating the right environment to film in. This allows us to focus on creating stunning imagery, and emotive cinematography that take your vision to new heights!


Remember - cameras can be flown indoors too - and to great affect!

360, Video VR & Binaural Sound

360 film and Video VR is the process of sharing the full context of a moment, thus allowing an audience to interact with the auteurs vision by looking around instead of being limited to a rectangular framed off view. We currently film using a 12 camera rig which allows for 360 steroscopic playback. Our films can be viewed using VR headsets such as Google cardboard and Brian May's 'OWL' (whereby the viewers perspective directly changes based on the direction they're looking), or simply as YouTube video whereby a mobile device can be moved around to explore the experience in every direction. 


This truly immersive approach is in it's infancy but experiencing mass growth. Using 360 stereoscopic visuals coupled with binaural sound you can teleport your audiences - giving them an intimate experience of your world.

Music Composition & Sound Design

The importance of sound must never be overlooked - it typically constitutes at least 50% of the audiences involvement with a film.


We have experience in music composition and sound design for film, TV, computer games, audiobooks, and more. We specialise in mixing and editing techniques to further enhance the original performance, and creatively bind visuals and sound. We can also provide audio recording for spoken word, live musical performances, and ambient sound, and have a number of contacts with 'Voice Over' artists who are often happy to appear in front of camera when a presenter is required.



We love photography - it's the discipline central to much of what we do. Whether it's covering a special event with formal and candid photography, crafting studio shots for product promotion & packaging, or photographing headshots for PR and commercial purposes, we love it all.


We especially enjoy working on EPK's & press packs where a coherent combination of on set photography & video is required. Having worked on large scale Film & TV productions and as film makers ourselves we understand on-set etiquette and instinctively know what's important to document


Across the team we have a range of styles and can deliver in line with brand guidelines or based on a specific creative brief.